NB3100 with stone Reclaim Slurry Measurement

The Challenge A customer in England manufactures stone recovery plants for the quarrying industry. The stones are placed in a container filled with water, which is stirred slowly. All the dirt is removed from the stones. The stones are then sold again as building material. The dirt in the water settles as mud at the

RN3004 with option separate housing in gravel

The Challenge A plant builder in Estonia asked for a level switch in a gravel hopper. The function should be a demand detector to set an alarm in time if the hopper gets empty and more material should be filled in. The hopper is equiped with an electrical rotary vibrator. It is mounted at the

Application in the bilge of a ship with fire protection requirements

Area: The bilge is the space of a boat, located in the lowest part of the engine room, just above the double bottoms. Its task is to collect all discharges of non-transported liquids from small losses in pipes, joints or pumps resulting from normal operation in the power plant. The bilge waters are purified in oily matter separators and

Application in nuclear power plant

Penta floating ball valve has the characteristic to adapt to a wide range of uses. The design has the aim to achieve the maximum reliability through the implementation of technical solutions that, even today, are unique on the market. All Penta valves are designed to be equipped with Pentafite metal seats enabling the creation of

ITA Magnetic Level Gauge

What is a magnetic type level gauge?   A magnetic Level Gauge is also called a magnetic level indicator. Magnetic Level Gauge is developed based on the principle of buoyancy and magnetic effect. The magnetic float in the measuring cylinder drives the two-color turning column on the external display of the measuring cylinder to flip

Level Measurement Solution For Closed Tank

The PR5115 Signal Calculator is a calculator that converts the measurement signal between 2 input signals with 4 arithmetic operations giving the user the option to calculate difference or average calculations. Along with that is the function of signal redundancy and copy input signal from temperature sensor, converts the analog signal to 2 analog output