Level Measurement Solution For Clinker- High Temperature Above 1200 Degree C – NR3100

In cement production, the rotary kiln and cooling system are the heart of the production system. The efficient operation of these two systems together is critical to maintaining efficiency and profitability in the cement production process. With operating temperatures above 1200°C, measurement will be as difficult as measuring the clinker level on the cooling grid. Traditional level measurement technologies are not possible because of the high and severe temperature environment.

Understanding this need, UWT/Germany released a set of products that make the application of clinker level measurement on cooling grids quite easy and effective.


The NR3100 radar level sensor of UWT/Germany is a continuous solids level sensor and has a maximum operating temperature of 200 °C combined with a cooler that is constructed with a radiant heat shield between part exposed to high temperature (hot process side) with special materials can withstand high temperatures up to 1600 °C and the low temperature part (cold side) is the sensor mounting position that is still guaranteed to be below 200°C and does not affect the quality sensor quantity and measurement results.


In addition, with this product, we can apply it to applications for hot-dip galvanizing tanks, thermal power plants or incinerators…

The product has been used in practice and proven effective.

Specifications of the NR3100- Radar level sensor