Level Measurement Solution In Cement Sector

On the field today, there are many different types of level sensors such as capacitive level sensors (capacitive), ultrasonic level sensors (ultrasonic), ON/OFF level sensors, etc. have different uses, functions and scopes of applications and activities. However, in the focus of this article, Hoang Thien Company will mainly introduce to you a products that is quite different from the above equipment lines, which is a radar level sensor, from Europe. , has fast response time, high accuracy and long equipment life.

In industrial plants producing raw materials, specifically, the inside of cement silos is a dusty environment, so measuring the level in the tanks is quite difficult. A commonly used and highly reliable level measurement solution is the NR3100 non-contact radar level sensor. The NR3100 radar level sensor operates at a fairly high frequency up to 78Hz with a small scanning angle of only 4 and reaches a measurement threshold of up to 100m. Especially with the NR3100 series of radar level sensors with automatic cleaning function, the sensor can work for a long time without needing maintenance.



Level sensor NR3100 emits a beam of wave-shaped signal with a frequency of 78 GHz… 79GHz to the surface to be measured and receives back the echo signal combined with calculating the distance the wave travels from there to obtain the level of the material. It is necessary to measure according to the principle that the frequency of the broadcast and the received wave is proportional to the travel time of the wave in the silo or chamber.

With the design with the optimal frequency, the sensor frequency is up to 78 GHz, so the sensor is not affected by dust in the measuring environment that interferes with the wave and with a measuring angle of 4o, it is still suitable for silos with high temperature and small size.




Basic specifications of NR3100 – The Radar Level Sensor

NR3100 Basic specifications of NR3100
  • Model:NR3100
  • Working principle: Radar
  • Material: Stainless steel 316L,IP68
  • Measuring range:0..40m.,0..100m
  • Accuracy: 5mm
  • Operation pressure: 3 Bar
  • Operation temperature: -40…200 °C
  • Power supply: 24VDC
  • Output: 4..20mA
  • Communicafion: Hart
  • Display: Screen and seffing button
  • Process connection: Flanges 3″..6″
  • Frequency: 78-79 GHz
  • Certificate: Atex,IECEx,FM,TR-CU
  • Original: UWT- Germany

Advantages of  NR3100:

  • High measuring frequency 78GHz should give accurate measurement results unaffected by dirt
  • Measuring distance up to 100m suitable for all measuring applications
  • The measured beam angle is only 4o, so it can be installed in small diameter silos
  • Easy installation using the built-in display on the sensor or possibly via the Hart protocol without having to approach the sensor.
  • Self-cleaning ability to optimize costs and operating time.

Actual installation pictures

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