Resistance Thermometer Type XD-TOPT, XD-APTOPT

Resistance Thermometer Type XD-TOPT, XD-APTOPT
• Flameproof for mines M2, gas G and dust D atmospheres
• Single and double RTD. • Exchangeable mineral insulated measuring insert.
• Connection head types: XD-AD (GW1. GW2); XD-ADwin (GW3, GW4);
• XD-SD (Si. 52): IP65, ATEX II 2 GD (see technical information).
• Process connection: M27x2, G1/2, G3/4, 3/4NPT. 1NPT” welded-in to
• the thermowell.
• Cable gland ATEX I M2. II GD, IP65: (cable dia. 5..10mm )*
• Output signal: RTD or 4-20mA (option).
• Local display LPI-02 (option).
Design temperature range: -200 .. +550oC
Sensing element 1x or 2xPt100 acc. to EN 60751 class A B Thermowell: Material : stainless steel 1.4541″
Diameter D [mm] 010, 011, 012, 014.015
Length L [mm]: 160. 200. 250, 400. 500 or other”
Temperature transmitter (option) PR5333A. PR5335A (HART®), PR5350A (Profibuss PA), FlexTop2211. FlexTop2221 (HART®).
FlexTop2231 (ProfibusSPA