Application in the bilge of a ship with fire protection requirements


The bilge is the space of a boat, located in the lowest part of the engine room, just above the double bottoms. Its task is to collect all discharges of non-transported liquids from small losses in pipes, joints or pumps resulting from normal operation in the power plant. The bilge waters are purified in oily matter separators and are expelled outside. Upon arrival at the port, the polluting parts that remain on board are removed at the port for treatment and disposal.


Lloyd’s Register + 100A1 rules and regulations for SSC require that the valve in the bilge area must not contain materials that can be altered by a possible fire already that it is an area with fuel with risk of fire and solid presence .


Perfect application for the KTN WSS model with #Pentafite seats, which allows to keep the operating torques 40% lower than any other metal seat. The wafer construction minimizes weight , an important aspect in a boat, while the technical construction with expanded graphite seals guarantees tightness in line and towards the outside , even in case of fire.

PENTAFITE is a metallic compound with metallic matrix and fine dispersion of solid lubricant inside. It is obtained by a manufacturing process similar to sintering with which, starting from fine powders of the single componenet, is possible to produce the metallic rings that form the seat insert for our metal seated ball valves for services with high temperature, high pressure or with combination pressure/temperature higher than tolerable limits for polymeric material.

PENTAFITE seats have the following advantages:Perfect tightness,Low valve torque,Easy maintenance,Gas tightness